Experimental Designs

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  • Experimental Design
    • Independent Groups
      • Two separate groups of participants experience different conditions
      • Evaluation
        • Order effects aren't a problem
        • Participants are less likely to guess aims
        • Twice as many participants are needed
        • Participant variables
          • Random allocation used to prevent this
    • Repeated Measures
      • All participants experience all conditions
      • Evaluation
        • Order affects may arise
        • Participants may figure out aims
          • Demand Characteristic
        • Participant variables are controlled
        • Fewer participants are needed
    • Matched Pairs
      • Participants are paired on a variable e.g. IQ
        • 1 from each pair would do a different condition
      • Evaluation
        • Order effects and Demand Characteristic less of problem
        • Participants can't be matched exactly
        • Matching may be time-consuming and expensive


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