Exothermic & Endothermic

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  • Exothermic & Endothermic
    • Endothermic
      • Examples..
        • Electrolysis
        • Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate in a blast furnace
        • Sports injury cold packs
      • Take in energy from the surroundings
      • Energy transferred as heat energy
        • Mixture and surroundings get colder
      • Products have more energy then original reactants had
      • Extra energy needed to make new bond is absorbed from surroundings
        • Temperature decreases
    • Exothermic
      • Transfer energy to the surroundings
      • Transferred as heat energy
        • Mixture and surroundings get hotter
      • Examples..
        • Combustion (burning)
        • Oxidation (rusting)
        • Neutralisation (acids and alkalis)
        • Hand warmers & self-heating cans
      • Excess energy released to surroundings so temp rises
    • Energy changes
      • Reversible reactions
        • Exothermic one way, endothermic the other
        • Products  react to make original reactants


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