Existence of God

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  • Existence of God
    • Criticisms of the first cause argument
      • 1. Infinite regression
        • Idea no first cause to an event, just an infinite number of causes. First cause argument says this is impossible.
      • 2. Big bang theory
        • Evidence includes red shift, expanding the universe. First cause argument says this cannot happen.
    • Critisisms of Religious experiance
      • 1. If God can perform miracles & give amazing experiences why doesn't he solve world hunger.
      • 2. If people actually experienced God, wouldn't their experiences be a lot more similar
      • 3. People see what they want to see
    • Criticisms of the Moral argument
      • 1. Evolution
        • "You scratch my back, and ill scratch yours" being nice and moral is a good survival strategy.
      • 2. Morality
        • Is invented to control people. If your "bad" you go to "hell"
    • Criticisms of the Design argument
      • 1. If god is a perfect designer, why does his world have so many faults like natural disasters or pain during child birth.
      • 2. Can we really compare man made items (Watch) to natural things (Cow)? Are there enough similarities to conclude that they must both have a designer?
    • David Hume
      • Religious people are uneducated
      • Not enough evidence to deny the laws of nature
      • Religious people are hearing second hand
      • All religious people claim to have miracles, therefore making it up
    • Examples of religious experience
      • 1. Davey> Conversion he went for a drug dealer & gangster to preacher
      • 2. Leanne Fretel> Miracle at Lourdes, where she was completly healed after being in a coma for 2 years


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