Arguments for the existence of God

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  • Arguments for the existence of God
    • First cause argument
      • 1. Everything that exists was cause to exist
      • 2. The universe exists so it must have a cause
      • 3. There had to be something eternal and not caused to cause the universe
      • 4. The eternal, uncaused cause is God
      • 5. Therefore God exists
    • Design argument
      • William Paley (Watch)
      • 1.Walk across country, see watch
      • 2. Open back of watch, has complex mechanisms
      • 3. Conclude watch has not made its self, must has a designer
      • 4. Universe is much more complicated than a watch, must have a designer
      • 5. The designer must be God
    • Religious experience
      • Conversion
        • A positive change in a persons life whereby their beliefs and actions are changed
      • Prayer
        • Speaking and listening to God; Drawing strength from God
      • Feeling Gods presence
        • A sense that God is closed or with you, often experienced during worship
      • Miracle
        • An event caused by God which either breaks the laws of natures or brings an unexpected outcome
      • Visions
        • Seeing or hearing non physical realities
    • Moral argument
      • 1. People all tent to agree on the basics of whats wrong and whats right
      • 2. Therefore that sense of morality must be 'built in' to humans
      • 3. This built in sense of morality must come from somewhere; a source outside them
      • 4. This source we call God
      • 5. Therefore God exists


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