Health related and skill related fitness

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  • Exercise and Fitness
    • Skill related fitness
      • Balance
        • Ability to retain center of mass
          • Standing stork test
      • Agility
        • Change  position of the body quickly
          • llllinos agility run
      • Coordination
        • Ability to use two or more body parts together
          • Three ball juggle
      • Power
        • Ability to undertake strength performances quickly
          • standing board jump and sergeant jump test
        • Power= Strength x speed
      • Reaction time
        • Time between stimulus and onset movement
          • Ruler drop test
      • Speed
        • Rate at which an individual is able to perform a movement or cover a distance in a period of time
          • 30 metre sprint
    • Health related fitness
      • Body composition
        • % of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone
      • Flexibility
        • The range of movement possible at a joint
          • Sit and reach test
      • Muscular  strength
        • The amount of force that can be excreted from a muscle
          • Hand grip strenght test
      • Muscular endurance
        • the ability to use voluntary muscles for long times without getting tiered
      • Cardiovascular fitness
        • Ability to use the entire body for long periods of time
          • Harvard step test, coopers 12 minute run
            • the ability to use voluntary muscles for long times without getting tiered
    • Healthy active lifestyle
      • Exercise
        • A form of physical activity which maintains or improves healthy or physical fitness
      • Health
        • State  of complete ,mental, social and physical well being without illness
      • A life style which contributes physical, mental and social wellbeing with regular exercise
      • FItness
        • Ability to meet the demands of the enviroment


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