Exercise Mind-Map

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  • Exercise
    • Enhances or maintains physical fitness
      • Strengthens muscles
      • Strengthens cardiovascular system
      • Helps build up immunity
      • Improves circulation
      • Improves stamnia
      • Reduces risk of a heart attack
      • Improves mobility
      • Improves flexibilty
    • Lack of exercise
      • Coronary heart disease
      • Obesity
      • Cardiovascular problems
      • Muscle and joint problems
      • Osteoporsis
    • Emotional benefits
      • Gives a general feeling of well-being
        • Knowing the effort is being put in
        • Generally feeling fitter
      • Improves self-esteem
        • Seeing improvement from the work put in
      • Helps relieve stress
        • Slow swimming can be a therapeutic activity
        • Jogging
        • Benefit other aspects of life
      • Builds confidence
        • Going to classes with other people
    • Social benefits
      • Group exercises
        • Clubs/classes
          • Spin class(bikes)
          • Zumba
          • Jogging as a group
          • Water aerobics
      • any type of exercise with a friend
        • Make someone more likelyto attend a gym or do exercise if they have someone for support


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