Positive/Negative Effects on PIES of Going to the Gym/Not going to the gym.

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  • Exercise - (Going/Not going to the Gym.)
    • Positive - Going to the Gym.
      • E
        • Have a better sense of self concept as you feel happier with your weight and body.
      • I
        • Improvement in knowledge of activity done.
      • S
        • If a person went to the gym then they may meet new people which would be a positive affect on their self esteem and image as they feel more accepted in that specific society.
      • P
        • Improvement in metabolism and a decreased chance of heart problems /obesity in later life and also may increase a persons lifetime.
    • Negative - Not Going to the Gym.
      • E
        • By not being involved in any activity a person may feel unhappy with how they look and feel that others will criticize them for the way they look.
      • I
        • If a person just sits at home then they will not learn anything new and not be as involved which could lead to a person becoming depressed with their lifestyle.
      • S
        • If a person is feeling that others may not like the way they look they may create the mindset that people will not want to socialize with them and therefore not go out and talk to new people which could lead to a person isolating themselves from the outside world. By not going to the gym they are taking away an oppurtunity for themself to socialise.
      • P
        • May gain weight and have no self esteem from what the person looks like.


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