Executive Function and Dysfunction

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  • Executive Function/ Dysfunction
    • Executive control system - allows us to organise and control our thoughts
      • Tells us what behaviour to perform/ what to focus on
        • when driving - listen to the radio or watch road
      • Executive control 'failures' are common
        • Had an action in mind but did the wrong thing
          • Yogurt pot in sink and spoon in bin
    • Executive function processing takes place in the pre-frontal cortex
      • 1. Updating: adding/ deleting info as time goes on and we receive new info to deal with - disregard/ manipulate/ store
        • Splitting bill in a restaurant
      • 2. Shifting: ability to flexibly switch between two tasks
        • "switch cost" - how slow is your reaction time when taking on a new task?
          • Listening to lecture and taking notes
        • MIYAKE ET AL. (2004)
      • 3: Inhibition: the ability to suppress unwanted thoughts
        • The Stroop Test (1953) requires this
        • Might have to inhibit behaviours that go against social norms
        • Decline of inhibition can lead to psychological disorders
          • Dementia: 1.Abnormal motor behaviour 2.Hypomania 3. Loss of insight 4.Poor self-care
          • ADHD: 1.Innatentive 2.Hyperactive3.The two combined
            • Children with no.3 blurt out answers/ interrupt people etc
              • Also more likely to engage in impulse behaviour
                • Smoking, drugs, suicide
            • Make more 'disfluencies'
              • False starts
              • Fillers
              • Repetition
        • ARON (2007): What can we inhibit?
          • 1.Stimuli 2.Tasks Sets 3.Responses 4.Memories 5.Emotions
    • One C.E. that performs all E.F.? OR Several types of E.F. controlled by separate C.E.?


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