executive NI

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  • executive failure
    • "a bad marriage held together for the sake of the kids"
      • mandatory coalition (forced)
        • no collective responsibility
          • lack of ideological bond
            • lack lustre and ineffective programmes for govt.
            • hass talks show mediation was needed
            • the carve of power (DUP,SF)
            • entrenched sectarianism
          • voter apathy
        • five parties into one does not work
    • failure to solve big issues
      • maze stadium, 11plus, flags and the past
        • delays in providing action
          • reduction of councils took extremely long
      • spending freeze - criticism over lack of fighting against cuts
        • justice minister appointed not democratic
    • failure to produce quick action
      • failure to meet- executive failed to meet for 105 days due to DUP


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