Exchange systems in plants

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  • Exchange Systems in Plants
    • Mechanisms
      • Carbon dioxide enters leaves by DIFFUSIOn
      • Most of water and mineral ions are absorbed by ROOTS
      • Plants have a stomata
        • To obtain carbon dioxide from atompshere
        • To remove oxygen produced in photosynthesis
    • Adaptations
      • Surface area of ROOTS increased by ROOT HAIRS
      • Surface area of LEAVES increased by flattened shape & internal air spaces
    • Loss of water
      • Mainly lose water from LEAVES
        • Through the stomata
          • Size of stomata is controlled by GUARD CELLS  which surround them
      • Evaputation is more rapid in these conditions
        • Hot
        • Windy
        • Dry
      • If plants lose water faster that it is replaced by roots
        • Stomata can close to PREVENT WILTING


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