M:3 S:1 Specialised Exchange Surfaces

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  • Specialised Exchange Surfaces
    • Exchange surfaces
      • Reactants for metabolic reactions
      • Excrete waste products
        • Carbon Dioxide
        • Urea
    • Multicellular organisms
      • Large diffusion distances
      • Low SA:VOL
      • High metabolic rate
    • Single celled organisms
    • Features to improve efficiency
      • Large SA
        • Root Hair Cells
        • Increases rate of absorption of water
      • Good Bloody Supply
        • Alveloi
        • Absorbs O2
        • CO2 diffuses into alveoli and breathed out
        • Maintains concentration gradient of O2 and CO2
      • Thin
        • Alveoli
        • One cell thick epithelium walls
        • Decreases diffusion distance
          • Increases rate of diffusion
      • Name 4 substances an organism needs to exchange with its environment
      • How do the SA:VOL differ in small and large organisms?
      • Give 2 ways in which alveoli are adapted for efficient gas exchange
      • Suggest how microvilli increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption in the small intestine
      • Why do multicelluar organisms need exchange surfaces?


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