Exceptional preservation

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  • Amber
    • Animals become trapped in the resin
    • Flows from cracks in bar and accumulates on branches
    • Tree resin that has hardened and been prserved
    • Exceptional preservation
      • Tar
        • Tar pits formed when hydrocarbons that had migrated upwards formed pools of alsphalt
        • Water accumulated on top of the tar, enticed animals
        • Animals that became trapped attracted other animals
      • The Burgess shales
        • The animals are of Cambrian age and all extinct e.g. trilobites
        • The soft tissues are replaced by a type of clay mineral
      • Incomplete fossil record
        • The fossil record is biased
        • When an organism dies, bacteria act to decompose the soft parts
        • Animals without hard parts are poorly represented
    • Them amber then becomes much harder by a series of chemical reactions


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