examples of why the league failed

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  • Examples of why the League failed.
    • Corfu (1923)
      • In August 1923 five Italian surveyors, who were working for the League of Nations in mapping the Greek-Frontier, were shot and killed on the Greek side of the border
        • Thw Italian dictator Mussolini took advantage of the situation demanding compensation.
      • When this didnt come Mussolini bombarded and occupied Corfu,
        • This action was in complete defiance of the principles of the League of which iItaly was a prominent member.
      • The Leage didnt permit it and put pressure on the greeks to accept Mussolini's demands.
      • Only when teh Greeks apologised and paid up did Mussolini withdraw his men.
    • Vilna (1920)
      • This area was claimed by both Lithuania and Poland. It was included in the new state of Lithuania but the majority of the population was Polish.
      • After the Russo-Polish War, Vilna was occupied by Polish forces which refused to leave. The League seemed very reluctant to get involved in the case.
      • Taking action against Poland would have required armed forces but the Leagues members were not willing to supply them.
      • In addition Britain and France saw Poland as a strong barrier against Germany and communist Russia
      • The League tried to negotiate a deal but in 1923 it was confirmed Polish land
      • Sporadic fighting continued until 1927.


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