Examples of Studies

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  • Examples of Studies
    • Karen Sharpe 1998
      • Researched Prostitution
      • Published a book called Red Light, Blue Light
      • Interview
        • to get the information
        • semi-structured because wasnt sure of the answers she would get
      • Pretended to be a receptionist at a brothel
    • Milgram 1974
      • was not honest with his participants in his experiment on obedience
      • Was to see if people would hurt other if told to by someone of authority
        • 65% of people shocked people the full 450 volts
        • If people knew the truth wouldnt have done it
    • Laud Humphreys 1970
      • The Tearoom Trade
      • Stusied casual sex between men in public toilets
      • Humphreys acted as watchman and kept his real identity a secret
      • went back a year later to interview them under the identity of a health survey
      • he said he had to do this to show that these men were actually respectable
    • Harvey and Slatin 1976
      • Examined whether teachers had preconcieved ideas about pupils of different social classes
      • They used a sample of 96 teachers who were each showm 18 photos of children
      • the teachers were asked to rate the children on different sttributes
      • They found lower class children were rated lower


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