Examples of Linguistic Terminology

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  • Examples of Linguistic Terminology in Use
    • Borrowing-
      • Deja Vu
      • Macho
      • Wanderlust
      • Mammoth
      • A word or expression taken from another language.
    • Contraction
      • Couldn't
      • The formation of a word by shortening an existing word or phrase.
      • Twas
      • We'll
      • Untitled
    • Euphemism
      • A mild or indirect expression used in place of a more unpleasant one.
        • Passed Away (died)
        • Au Natural (naked)
        • Vertically Challenged (short)
    • Blending
      • A word formed by combining parts of other words.
        • Tween (teenager+in between)
        • Chunnel (Channel+  tunnel)
        • Brunch (breakfast +lunch)
    • Affixation
      • Formation of a word by adding a prefix or suffix.
        • Dehumidifier
        • Premature
        • Disassemble


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