Notable scenes in Purple Hibiscus

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  • Notable scenes in Purple Hibiscus
    • 1. Breaking Gods - Palm Sunday
      • p.g.1:Flinging missal
        • "Things started to fall apart"
          • reference to book "Things Fall Apart"
          • turning point & climax of story
        • "Papa flung his heavy missal"
          • "heavy"
            • emphasises Papa's strength & anger
              • Emphasises his obsession with Catholicism
                • Catholicism was brought to Nigeria by colonialists
          • "missal"
            • Religious item
              • Religious oppression
            • homophone for missile
              • What military use for oppression
      • p.g.6: broken figurines
        • "it missed Jaja completely"
        • "cracked the top shelf"
        • "beige, finger-size ceramic figurines of ballet dancers"
    • 2. Speaking With Our Spirits - Before Palm Sunday
      • p.g.24: Coup, military Dictatorship
        • "When he came back, we drank the mango juice"
          • Colonial product
            • Ironic-  coup only happened due to invasion of colonialists
              • Papa is a representation of how colonialists affected Nigeria
                • Also a microcosm of colonialism
                  • Papa is a "colonial product"
        • "Papa told us, the politicians were corrupt...The Standard had written many stories"
          • Papa speaks out against oppression yet he is an oppressor himself
        • "coups begat coups"
          • Jaja begat Papa
            • "ended in civil war"
              • Papa's death does not create peace in the family
                • Just "a different silence"
    • 3. A Different Silence - The Present


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