Examples of impact on tropical rainforests - Borneo & Palm Oil

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  • Example of impacts on a tropical rainforest - Borneo
    • Palm Oil
    • Consumerism
      • Palm oil is a healthy alternative to cooking oils.
        • Western world demands.
      • Used as a bio fuel - greener solution to an energy crisis.
      • 66 million tonnes of palm oil used annually.
      • Used in many products
        • Shampoo
        • Margarine
        • Soap
        • Makeup
    • Ecosystem
      • Borneo contains 6% of world's ecosystems.
      • Palm Oil productions are grown as monoculture.
        • reduce biodiversity.
      • Large areas of rainforest are destroyed.
      • Local indigenous people and animals are replaced.
      • Air, water and soil pollution.
    • Global interdependance
      • Palm oil has higher yields and lower costs.
        • Highly profitable produce for the NICs.
      • Indonesia & Malaysia - largest palm oil producers.
        • major part of their exports.
      • Huge profits made for MNCs that invest in plantations.
        • asked to supoport the sustainable use of palm oil production.
      • Biggest importers of Palm Oil are India, the EU & China


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