Example of impacts on a mangrove forest - Bangladesh & Shrimp.

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  • Example of impacts on mangrove forests - Bangladesh.
    • Consumerism
      • 2010 - over 3 million tonnes of shrimp caught by fishermen.
        • in mangrove forests.
      • Fish are the 2nd largest exports for Bangladesh
        • a value of $569.9 million in 2016.
      • Large businesses cut down areas of mangrove forests
        • area developed for aquaculture.
    • Ecosystem
      • Trees tolerate both salt and fresh water
        • a valuable habitat.
      • Roots act as a natural defence of flooding.
      • The sheltered water is the ideal breading ground for fish.
      • 25 million hc has been destroyed.
      • Shrimp farms produce organic waste and chemicals.
    • Global interdependence
      • Shrimp farming began in the 1970s to increase the supply of shrimp.
        • now accounts for 55% of all shrimp produced.
      • Most shrimp farms are in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil.
  • The demand for Shrimp


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