Members of faith communities portrayed in film

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  • Examine how the beliefs and practices of members of a faith community are portrayed in films, including illustrative examples from at least one film that you have studied. 
    • East is East:
      • Struggles of everyday living, such as eating pork and dealing with everyday lives
      • "You are forbidden the flesh of swine" (Qur'an 173)
      • "The Khan Children are caught between two cultures" (Sharma)
      • Synoptic to Durkheim, society is important part of religion and the society of the Khan's live is helping them to fit in
    • East is East
      • The idea that you get to see the religious ceremonies, such as weddings and the concept of arranged marriages
        • Links to West is West and Bend it Like Beckham because you see different types of wedding here
      • Could be seen as negative, because it appears forced and unsuccessful, not portraying a good image for Muslims
        • "Bad Guy Muslim" Ward
      • Untitled
      • "Films can be seen as manipulative if you haven't developed a good understanding of your faith" (Cather Weaver)
    • East is East/ West is West
      • Not fitting in, you see how society is very different for George Khan because he isn't used to this life, he struggles to fit in and to help his family learn values, why he takes his son to Pakistan in West is West
        • 2011 census figures:
          • Christianity 59%
          • Islam 4.8%
      • Do you want a cup of tea?
        • "Only half a cup" (George Khan)
      • They have been called 'hybrids'
        • Sharma
    • East Is East
      • Shows the patriarchal dominance of the society and how some Muslims have control over their wives. George is seen to hit his wife and this portrays him in a bad light
      • East is East reduces "its characters to Asian and working class white stereotypes" (Sharma)
      • Synoptic to the ideas of Iraneaus and Augustine and suffering and Evil, needed on earth and sent by God


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