Explinations for Forgetting - Retrieval Failure

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  • Explanations for Forgetting Retrieval Failure
    • Main Infomation
      • Failure due to failing to access the memory
        • Due to insufficient cures/clues to aid recall
      • Effectiveness of cues is depended on number of items associated with it
    • Tulving
      • Encoding Specificity Principle (ESP)
        • The idea that cues need to be present at time of encoding and retrieval
    • Contest Dependant Failure (external cues)
      • Depends on external environment being similar to time of encoding
    • Godden and Baddeley 1975
      • What done?
        • Deep sea divers learnt list of words
          • Group 1 on land
          • Group 2 Underwater
        • Asked to recall it in either same environment or different
      • What found?
        • Recall was 40% less accurate when recall conditions were different to original environment


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