Memory- EWT age studies

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  • EWT- Age
    • Parker: compared primary school children and college age students.
      • When asked to identify an individual children had highest rate of choosing and highest rate of errors.
    • Yarmy: 651 adults. Women spoke to them, 2 minutes later asked to describe her
      • 18-29 and 30-55 years more confident than 45-66 but no significant difference in accuracy.
    • Memon: Accuracy of 2 groups: 16-33 and 60-82
      • Short delay (35 mins) no difference. After 1 week the older were less accurate
    • Anastasi and Rhodes
      • All age groups better at identifying their own age group: The more contact we have with an age group the better our memory is.
    • Flin: Questioned children and adults.
      • No significant difference in accuracy after 1 day but significant forgetting in children after 5 months.
    • Gordon
      • Children particularly susceptible to suggestion.
    • Davis
      • Children can provide valuable testimony provided care is taken in the interview process


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