Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression

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  • Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression
    • Buss and Duntley (2006) - there are adaptive benefits for aggression, it is tactically calculated to increase chances of reproduction and survial.
    • Associated with male status as high status provides  access to resources and women.
      • Daly and Wilson - found victims/offenders of murder/conflict cases were most likely low status males.
        • 58/214 cases found sexual jealousy as an underlying factor.
    • Daly and Wilson- vigilance/violence used to prevent infidelity, this is fuelled by jealousy.
      • Bus- there are several strategies for keeping a mate: 1) direct guarding 2) negative inducement 3) emotional manipulation
    • Bus and Duntley Homicide Adaptation Theory- loss of younger partner is loss of reproduction and gain for another male, homicide prevents this.
      • Shackleford et al - younger women are more likely to be victims of homicide.
    • Bus and Dedden- female v female reivalry is based on appearance and sexual promiscuity which reduces the rival's attractiveness.
    • Buss et al - men more stressed at physical infidelity while women more stressed at emotional infidelity.
    • - Can't explain differences in the reactions of males (Buss and Shackleford)
    • - Cultural ideas around aggression differ.


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