Evolutionary Explanations for AN

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  • Evolutionary Explanations for AN
    • Reproduction Suppression Hypothesis
      • Surbey suggests that weight control is adaptive to delay sexual maturity
        • This is adaptive as it lets girls avoid giving birth in bad conditions.
      • This over comes some of the criticisms of the "Adaptation to Flee" hypothesis.
      • - It is impossible to test
      • - There is no evidence to support this
    • Adaptation to Flee Hypothesis
      • Guisinger sees that AN is a reflection of adaptive behaviours
        • Genes favouring movement and food restriction aided survival.
      • AN characteristics include high energy alongside hunger denial.
      • - There is no direct evidence.
      • + Explains some characteristics of AN
      • - Doesn't explain why adolescent females are most likely to suffer with AN.


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