Evolutinary explanation

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  • Evolutionary explanation
    • Division of labour
      • Division of labour has evolved to increase survival. Men hunters women housewife. Neanderthals did not take advantage of this.
      • Kuhn and Steiner(AO2)
        • Gender division may explain why humans survived. Neanderthals were large and need high calorie foods , other theories are plausible.
    • Mate choice
      • Key to adaptive behaviour is reproductive success. Men-physical attractiveness Women-the resources a partner can provide.
      • Waynoth and Dunbar
        • Personal ads to see what they're seeking,44% males physical attractiveness. 50% offered attractiveness, where as only 34% of males did.
      • Buss
        • Universal mate selection related to reproductive value.
      • Eagly and Wood
        • Men and women seek partners due to social needs rather than reproductive success.


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