Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression - Mate Retention Strategies

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  • 1)Direct guarding - involves male vigilance over a partners behaviour
  • 2)Negative inducements - issuing threats or dire consequences for infidelity.
  • Such behaviours linked to violence.
  • Shackleford et al 2005 - studied intimate partner violence in heterosexual couples
    • Evolutionary Exp - Agg - Mate Retention Strategies
      • Wilson and Daly 1996 identify several mate retention strategies involving agg and phys violence.
  • Men and women in 107 married couples completed diff questionnaires(married less than one year)
  • Men completed mate retention inventory, assessing mate retention behaviours
  • Women completed spouse influence report - measured extent of partners violence.
  • Found a strong positive correlatin between mens report of mate retention behaviours and womens reports of partners physical violence.
  • Men who use guarding or negative inducements more likely to use physical violence.


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