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  • Evolution
    • Evolutionary Relationships
      • Species with similar characteristics have similar genes- recent common ancestor
      • Genetically different species may look alike, but have different ancestors
      • The more recent the common ancestor, the more closely related the two species are
    • Ecological Relationships
      • Organisms in the same environment with similar characteristics may be in competition
      • Differences between organisms in the same environment can show predator-prey relationships
    • Natural Selection
      • Charles Darwin
        • Individuals within a species show variation- difference in genes
          • Individuals with characteristics- better adapted to environment- better chance of survival
            • Genes that are responsible for the useful characteristics are more likely to be passed on to the next generation
    • Mutations
      • A change in an organisms DNA
      • Most- no effect, but can be beneficial- useful characteristic- survival and reproducing- future generations by natural selection
    • Controversy with Darwin's ideas
      • Went against religious beliefs about how life on earth was created
      • Couldn't give a good explanation for why these useful characteristics appeared or how they were passed on
      • Wasn't enough evidence to convince scientists
    • Lamarck
      • Argued that if a characteristic was used a lot, it would become more developed
      • Believed acquired characteristics would be passed on to the next generation


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