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  • Evolution
    • theory
      • darwin
        • survival of the fittest
        • discovered that man came from apes
    • proof
    • causes
      • habitat/climate change
        • the area that the animal started in has changed
          • older horses had smaller legs and newer ones have longer legs
            • to traverse land easier
            • proof
    • Extinction
      • when a species or breed are removed from exsistance
      • causes
        • hunting
        • slow to evolve
        • bottom/low on food chain
        • boom/rise in numbers of predators
    • Natural Selection
      • individuals in  a species show variation
        • variation causes gene differentiation
          • individuals with the genes more suited to the environment (i.e. long necks) survive and reproduce
            • this is also known as survival of the fittest
              • survival of the fittest




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