Evolution: Dichotomies to Interactions

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  • Evolution: From Dichotomies to Interactions
    • Rene Descartes
      • Universe composed of two matters: physical matter and the human mind (Cartesian Dualism)
        • Human body and non-human animals are physiological and the human mind is psychological
    • Physiological or psychological?
      • Evidence against this dichotomy
        • Most complex psychological changes (e.g. self awareness) can be produced by brain damage or stimulation
          • Sacks (1985) - patient wasn't aware his left leg was attached to his body
            • Asomatognosia from damage to the right parietal lobe
        • Some non-human animals possess psychologicalabilities
          • Gallup (1983) - chimps noticed in the mirror when there was red dye on their head
      • Whether behaviour is due to the mental state or bodily functions
    • Inherited or learned?
      • Watson
        • "Give me a dozen healthy infants..."
        • All behaviour is learned
    • Biopsychology model
      • All behaviour a product of interactions
        • The organism's genetics (product of evolution)
        • Experience
        • Perception of the current situation
        • E.g. evolution influences genes available to species
          • Experience modifies the expression of the genes


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