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  • Evolution
    • Variation
      • Differences that exist between individuals
      • Intraspecific variation-Within species
      • Interspecific variation-between different species
      • Continuous variation
        • No distinct categories
      • Dis-continuous variation
        • Distinct categories
      • Causes
        • Genetic
          • Different version of allelles
          • Eye and hair colour
        • Environmental
          • Differences in climate, lifestyle
          • Accents
        • Genetic and Environmental
          • Genetic factors determine, environmental determine the development
          • Height
    • Adaptations
      • Features that increase chance of survival
      • Develop because of evolution by natural selection
      • Types of adaptations
        • Behavioural
          • The way an organism acts to increase chances of survival
          • "Play dead"
          • "Mating"
        • Physiological
          • Processes inside the organism to increae chance of survial
          • "Hibernation"-conserves energy
          • Production of antibiotics
        • Anatomical (structural)
          • Structural features that increase chance of survival
          • Streamline body
    • Darwin's theory
      • Organisms produce more offspring than survive
        • There's variation in characteristics of members in same species
          • Some characteristics are passed from one generation to the next
            • individuals best adapted to the environment are more likely to survive
    • Evidence to support evolution
      • Fossil record evidence
        • Remains of organisms preserved in rocks.
        • By arranging them in chronological order you can spot the gradual change in characteristics
      • DNA evidence
        • All organisms have evolved from common ancestors
          • Closely related species evolved to become different species
        • Compare  the base sequence
          • Organisms that evolved from each other more recently the more similarities
            • As less time for changes to occur
              • Organisms that diverged more recently the more similarities in the primary sequence
      • Molecular evidence
        • Compare the primary sequence in proteins
        • Organisms that diverged more recently the more similarities in the primary sequence


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