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  • Evolution
    • What did people believe about evolution before the 18th century?
      • That the world and all of the creatures on it were created by God.
    • Summarize Lamarck's theory of evolution:
      • Lamarck believed that the individual animal adapted to suit their environment during their lifetime, and that organism's adapted by inheritance of acquired characteristics. 'use it or lose it', then passed on to offspring.
    • What is Darwin's theory of evolution? When did he discover this?
      • Darwin proposed the theory that evolution came about through natural selection, survival of the fittest. When he went on a trip around the world to study geology, visited the Galapagos islands.
    • Why did people disagree with Darwin's theories?
      • They believed that God created the Earth, not enough evidence, no theory of genes to support it, therefor no way to explain it.
    • What evidence did Darwin build up?
      • Animals he had seen on his travels, did breeding experiments with pigeons, worked with other scientists.
    • What is Natural Selection?
      • E.g. Rabbits. Rabbits with best eyesight are most likely to survive and breed, therefore will pass on their genes to their offspring.
    • How do organisms adapt to their environments?
      • Genes mutate, animals change, best adapted to the environment survive and breed, passing on their genes. process repeats.
    • What is classification?
      • The organisation of living things into groups according to their similarities.


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