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  • Evolution
    • Darwin not believed at start because:
      • People believed that God created everything
      • Not enough scientific evidence
      • No understanding of variation and inheritance (genes) at the time
    • All species have evolved from simple life forms that first developed more than 3 billion years ago
    • Evolution through natural selection
      • 1) All living things show variation
      • 2) Some of these features give an advantage
      • 3) Those with an advantage live longer, reproduce and pass on these genes to offspring
    • Larmark's theory
      • 1)Individuals in species can change their features overtime eg giraffe stretches neck
      • 2) These changes made by the living thing itself can be passed onto offspring
    • Mutations- random spontaneous change in genes
      • Some of these give an advantage- these live longer reproduce and offspring also get the mutation
      • Causes relively rapid change in species
    • Studying the similarities and differences between organisms allows us to classify living organisms into animals, plants and microorganisms


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