evil and suffering

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  • Evil and suffering
    • if God is omnipotent why doesn't he stop evil?
    • if God is omniscient why doesn't he know how to stop evil?
    • if God is omnibenevolent how does he allow people to cause suffering?
    • Aquinas
      • "God means infinitely good so if God existed there would be no evil, but there is so therefore God doesn't exist
    • types of evil
      • moral evil
        • actions of man causing suffering
      • natural evill
        • a malfunction of the earth
      • natural through moral evil
        • naural evil occurs because of humans
      • metaphysical evil
        • evil is inevitable and is simply a part of our world
    • inconsistant triad
    • we are left with 3 options:
      • 1) conclude that evil doesn't exist
      • 2) conclude that God doesn't exist
      • 3) make a defence/explanation- THEODICY


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