Evil and Suffering

christians views

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  • Evil & Suffering
    • Evil
      • Is the cause of suffering.
      • moral
        • when someone chooses to do evil e.g. terrorism
      • natural
        • evil happens naturally e.g. earthquakes
      • impersonal force
        • a force which draws people to do the wrong thing
      • personal being
        • the devil
          • story of Job
      • psychological phenomenon
        • evil is brought about by people
      • the inconsistent triad
        • God ia Benevolent
          • He should love us enough to stop evil
        • God is Omniscient
          • He should have the knowledge to stop evil
        • God is Omnipotent
          • He should be powerful enough to stop evil
        • A God of these three qualities can not exist otherwise evil wouldn't.
      • free will
        • Adam & Eve story
          • fallen angel story
            • explains the devil- Lucifer
    • Suffering
      • questions for Christians
        • Why is suffering so unfair?
        • If God is powerful why does he let us suffer?
        • If God is loving why does he let us suffer?
        • What is God's purpose for suffering
      • christian explanations
        • we suffer because its part of God's plan
        • suffering is a punishment e.g. Adam & Eve eating the fruit
        • brings people together e.g. wakes/funeral to try and heal
        • suffering is a test e.g. Job losing his kids
        • suffering lets us learn form our mistakes e.g. burning yourself and learning not to do it again
        • makes you appreciate what you have e.g. losing your sight
        • suffering gives you a sense of achievement e.g. lots of revision means good exam results
    • Hindu explanations
      • reincarnation
        • soul or spirit after death can begin a new life in a new body
      • karma
        • good things contribute to good karma and future happiness
        • bad things contribute to bad karma and future suffering- affects current and future life




Really helpful resource - great overview

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