"Evil and Suffering is needed in today's world"   Agree:

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  • "Evil and Suffering is needed in today's world"   Agree:
    • It helps us appreciate the good things in life
      • St Augustine: "God is so omnipotent and good that He can bring good even out of evil"
    • Love cannot be possible if you are not willing to suffer for them
    • Without Jesus' suffering we would have not been saved or have eternal life
      • Jesus:      "The spirit has sent me to bring goodness to the poor, to give freedom and to set the oppressed free"
    • Suffering can bring us closer to God
      • St Rosa of            Lima:         "Suffering is the stairway to Heaven"
      • Beatitude:          "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted"
    • Shows commitment
      • Jesus:         "Whoever wants to be a follower of mine must deny themselves, take up the cross and follow me"


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