Evil and suffering and problems for Christians

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  • Evil and suffering and problems for Christians
    • Moral evil: they can be blamed on humans
      • Wars
      • ****
      • Burglary
      • Muggings
    • Natural evil: However some suffering is a result of destruction of the natural environment which humans have caused
      • Earthquakes
      • Volcanoes
      • Drought
      • Tsunamis
      • Cancer
    • Evil and suffering can reject or make people question their belief in God
      • A good God would not of designed a world with natural evil in it
      • God would not allow humans to cause so much suffering to others
    • Philosophers express this problems:
      • God is omni-benevolent (all-good)
      • God has the power to do anything
      • There is suffering and veil in the world so God cannot be all-good or all- powerful or God does not exist
      • God is all-knowing
    • Christian responses to evil and siffering
      • God knows the answer but people cannot know. Jesus had to suffer and he told his followers to respond to evil and suffering by helping others and trusting God to answer the problem; intercessionary prayer
      • Jesus showed us that God wants us to fight against evil and suffering
      • Christians can become doctors and nurses and help those in LEDCs or work for charities like Christian Aid
      • God could not give humans free will unless they had to chance to do evil things; moral evil is the result of humans misusing their free will
      • This life is test in which people prepare their souls for Heaven


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