Evil & Suffering

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  • Evil & Suffering
    • Types of evil
      • Natural evil
      • Moral evil
      • Mixture e.g Climate change
    • Types of evil
      • Impersonal force- 'Dark side'
      • Personal being- Devil/Satan
      • Psychological phenomenon- a 'sickness' of mind cause by abuse or by being miss treated
    • Key source texts
      • Adam & eve-the fall.
      • Job- Satan was attacking Job but he always stayed faithful to God
      • Jesus' teaching- be nice to people, not evil- Moral choice
    • Original Sin
      • Christians believe due to the sin of Adan & Eve all humans are born with an inbuilt bias toward evil.
    • The problem of evil
      • Atheists say that these three facts can't be true at the same time.
      • Inconsistent Triad
    • St Augustine
      • God allows evil so we can have free will. without choice we would all be robots.
      • A world with freedom and love as well as suffering is better than a world without suffering but also without freedom and love.
    • St Iranians
      • God allows evil so that we can learn how to be better people.
      • Without suffering we would have no opportunity to develop qualities like compassion & courage.
    • Christian response
      • Christians believe we have a duty to help those who suffer as if it was Christ who was suffering.
      • E.g Christian aid; "we believe in life before death"
    • Muslim response
      • Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam
      • Every Muslim is to give up 2.5% of their income to the poor each year.
      • This money must be spent of those who are poor or suffering.
      • E.g Muslim Aid.


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