the evidence for Climate Change

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  • Evidence for past climate change
    • short term (recent)
      • themometers/satellites since 1850
      • ocean buoys
      • ice response - how much they advance or retreat depending if it's warmer or cooler
    • medium term (historical)
      • dendrochonology (tree rings): a wide band indicates a warm and wet year. Trees are sensitive to annual changes in temperature, sunlight and precipitation.
      • proxy data: journals, diaries, poems,record books
    • long term (geological)
      • ice cores: they monitor the bubbles trapped in layers of ice (levels of CO2 in the layers). Also measure the oxygen isotopes in the layers - lots of oxygen 16 indicates colder conditions
      • pollen analysis: taking a core from the lake bed where pollen is preserved. Different plant species that grow in different climatic conditions have different pollen grains.


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