evidence for climate change

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  • evidence for climate change
    • Short term
      • satellites
        • height of sea, cloud cover, retreating glaciers (photographs)
      • radars
        • rainfall intensity
      • weather boys in the sea
        • air and sea-surface temperature
      • anomometer
        • show the current wind speed
      • rain guage
        • Untitled
      • thermometer
        • real time data
      • evidence of ice caps melting
    • Medium term
      • historical records
        • analyse paintings, photos, grape harvest data
          • frost fair on the Thames is evidence for the little ice age
            • artistic licence can not dispute the fact the Thames froze over
      • tree rings
      • retreating or advancing glaciers
        • grow and shrink in response to climate
          • can measure this through maps, measurements and satellites
    • Long term
      • ice cores
        • co2 levels are sampled from bubbles in extracted air
          • low concentration of co2 = cold period
        • found in antarctic and greenland have to go down 3,200m 800,000 million years ago
        • oxygen isotopes 018/016
          • interglacial = o16 evaporated and became enriched with o18
            • colder periods = o16
      • rocks
        • fossil glacial deposits have been found 280 million years ago in Southern hemosphere
      • pollen
        • preserved in water logged sediments
          • can establish the date and what pollen grew in what climate
      • oceans
        • thermohaline circulation and sea level change
  • dendrochronology
    • tree rings


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