Eve's place in book 10

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  • Eve's Place in Book X
    • "thine shall submit"- she is now secondary to Adam and will obey him
    • "vile as I am"- she has been villainised and now she believes it too
    • "children shalt bring in sorrow forth"- stuck in maternal role
    • "Shalt to dust return"- they are now mortal
    • "“all but a rib crooked by nature, bent”- Adam views her as immoral and corrupt and no long pure
    • She fulfils Milton's Patriarchal mindset by punishing desire for female independence- didactic purpose
    • "thou first to offend"=- she is seen as the offender and Adam the victim
    • "I will no hide what thoughts"- she wants to be better and restore her relationships by being honest
    • "Thy love,sole contentment of my heart"- she no longer wants status and will remain content with her inferiority as long as she has Adam's love
    • "thy frailtie and infirmer sex"- she will create the perception of women as the weaker and inferior sex, but she accepts


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