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  • Sociology of Everyday
    • Everyday life events are repeated, taken for granted and not unique
    • Everyday life engages out body and emotions
    • Methodology
      • Mass observation
      • Participant observation
      • Ethnography
    • Henri Lefebvre
      • The City is the locus in which the concept of everyday life is realised to the full
      • Everyday as the decisive category linking the economy to individual life experiences
    • Michel De Certeau
      • Maintains the significance of how people do, or practice everyday life
      • Individuals should subvert authority by breaking minor rules in their everyday lives
    • Erving Goffman
      • The Presentation of Self in Everyday life
    • Family
      • A group of people related by either blood, marriage or adoption
      • Moving beyond an understanding of the family as an institution to the family as a negotiated relationship
    • Late Modernity
      • Based upon human reflexivity
    • Taking care of health and body through food consumption can be seen as a form of 'moral support'
    • From the family as an institution to family as a negotiated relationship


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