1st Moroccan Crisis

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  • Events of Morocco- 1st crisis
    • Britain had agreed not to challenge France in Morocco. Due to lack of empire- Germany claim need for Weltpolitik and decided to challenge France
      • In 1905 the Kaiser rode through the streets of Tangier on a white horse with a marching band before making a speech supporting Moroccan Independence and calling for an international conference.
        • The Kaiser hoped to test the strength of the Entente cordiale. in 1906, the algeciras conference was held. Only Morocco and Austria Hungary supported Germany. France had to recognise Moroccan independence but got joint control of police force with spain. Germany got nothing.
          • This meant that Germany were angry and embarrassed- less likely to back down in future.
      • The Entente Cordial has been strengthened, as Britain now feared German action and began secret military talks with France. France thus became more sure of `british support should war come.


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