evaluations of the asch study

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  • evaluations of the Asch study
    • methodological evaluations
      • positives
        • well designed controlled experiment
        • can and was repeated for reliability
        • researchers can be happy that results weren't affected
      • negatives
        • quite an artificial set up
    • ecological validity
      • results may not generalise to real life situations
      • the people in the room were strangers
        • results may not generalise to real life situations
      • length task was unimportant
    • cultural bias
      • no conformity amongst British engineering students 1970's
      • USA is very individualisticso may have lower conformity
        • collectivist cultures (China) may have higher levels
          • independence isn't valued there
    • gender bias
      • study only done on males college students
      • women might be different
        • Neto (1995)  found women had higher conformity than men


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