Evaluation of Psychodynamic explanation

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  • Evaluation of the psychodynamic approach
    • Lead to childlike characteristics . Adolescence is the main period in which AN develops, fear of developing an adult body.
    • Gender bias: Applies to women. unscientific and not falsifiable , doesn't explain why older people suffer form AN.
    • Practical application - Psychodynamic therapy can be successful. Encourages you to think about how early childhood experiences may have affected you.
      • Time consuming, expensive and treats causes not the symptoms, there's always a risk of abuse as therapist is in charge.
    • AO3- Gender bias- More women than men, Eurocentric, deterministic- External force fear of growing up no free will.
      • Parsimonious- Only focuses on the individual factor not the whole picture , nature- internal ID and ego. Nurture - Parenting.


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