Evaluation of Levels of Processing

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  • Evaluation of Levels Of Processing
    • Weaknesses
      • It can only be used to explain recall in explicit memories (memories that require conscious recall)
        • It doesn't affect recall from implicit memory (memories that are recalled automatically)
      • Does not account for all learning. That is, giving something meaning is not the only way we can leave a durable memory trace
        • Imagery and emotionality can also leave long standing memories
      • It's impossible to prove the notion of 'depth' of processing, upon which the model rests
        • The model cannot be impirically proven to be correct, because we cannot 'see' he processing being done at the different depths that it mentions
    • Strengths
      • Accounts for the diversity of memories stored - Explains the difference in memory durability by referring to the depth of processing
        • The MSM assumes anything remembered for over a minute is held in LTM
          • Does not account for why some memories are strong and some weak
      • The applications are wide - have been used to enhance learning, revision and can also be applied to learning languages and reading
      • The model seeks to explain the whole process of memory, rather than simply the stores involved
        • Said that it goes further than the MSM in it's explanatory power


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