Evaluation of Godden and Baddeley

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  • Evaluation of Godden and Baddeley
    • Demand Characteristics
      • Aware they were taking part in an experiment
        • behave unnaturally
          • Decreased Validity
    • Ecological Validity
      • wouldn't normally recall isolated words
        • not real life task
      • Realistic environment for divers
        • real life setting/task
    • Reliability
      • participant variables and weather conditions can not be controlled
        • less reliable, less likely to get same results if repeated
      • stansardised procedure - e.g. amount of words
        • more reliable, study done again with similar results
    • Generalisability
      • small sample + only divers
        • not representative
    • Application
      • helps divers on north sea oil rigs recall information they have learnt when on sea bed.
      • Eye witness testimony
        • Police use reconstructions
          • give state and context cues to improve recall
    • Repeated Measure Design
      • no participant variables
        • increases validity
    • Participants who didnt move environment...
      • longer to rehearse infomration
        • lower validity
    • Internal Validity
      • Extraneous Variables controlled e.g. gaps between words
        • conclude that it was the IV affecting the DV


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