Feminism and Crime Continued

A bit more feminism

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  • Feminism Continued
    • Evaluate - Negative
      • Accused of hypocrisy as they focus too much on gender in their theory
      • Criticised for understating ethnicity and class when looking at crime
      • Focus on victimisation and simplifying the causes of offending
      • Little scientific value, due to subjective methods and making it conscious
    • Allen - Chivalry Thesis
      • Argues that mental health explanations are often used  to receive lighter punishment from the court or other law enforcement agency
      • Leonard - Challenges the 'Chivalry Thesis' by arguing that 'bad' women are treated harsher in the media and by the courts due to double deviance
      • PMS has been used as a mitigating factor in court cases even as severe as murder cases
    • Evaluate - Positive
      • Exposed sociology as a 'malestream' and women as being both victims and offenders of crime
      • It has challenged stereotypes and illuminated sexism in theory, practice and policy
    • Feminist Debates
      • Radical
        • Argue that to understand crime it has to be seen through a female perspective- and that all men are willing to commit crimes against women if given the chance
      • Liberal
        • The previous ignorance of women will bring understanding in the future
      • Marxist
        • Stresses the position of men and women can only be understood by the context of sexism and capitalism
      • Postmodern
        • Argue that the concerns of criminology are 'malestream'


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