Evaluation of CBT

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  • Evaluation of CBT
    • Advantages
      • Most commonly used therapy by the NHS
      • Economical
      • Clear/measurable outcomes
    • Appropriateness of CBT
      • Appeals to those who find insight therapies too threatening.
      • Teaches self help strategies
    • Evaluation of effectiveness
      • Barlow and Lehman (1996) found CBT to be the most effective for social phobia but behavioural therapy to be the most effective for specific phobias.
      • Significant improvements in patients with spider phobia with just one session of CBT
    • Comination with other therapies
      • Burke et al. (1997) found that a cognitive rationale was no more effective in treating agoraphobia than graded exposure.
    • Effect of the therapist
      • Huppert et al (2001) found that more experienced therapists achieved better outcomes.


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