evaluation of utilitarianism

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  • evaluation of bentham and mills utilitarianism
    • bentham
      • act utilitarianism
      • follows one rule greatest good for greatest number
      • an actions is only right if it promotes happiness
      • laws are rule of thumb and can be disregarded based on consequences
      • it sees all pleasures as of equal value and promotes the well being of the majority
      • leaves the minority at the mercy of the majority
      • takes alot of time to make a decision using the hedonic calculus
      • difficult to predict consequences
      • potential to justify evil
      • straight forward principle
      • common sense to think of the consequences when making an ethical decision
    • mill
      • difficult to predict consequences
      • difficult to tell the difference between higher and lower pleasures or even higher pleasures
      • high pleasures seems abit snobbish
      • progress is not necessarily just made by higher pleasure
      • attempts to give equal rights to all
        • difficult to protect the minorities
      • general rules that benefit the society should be kept by everyone in similar circumstances
      • rule utilitarianism


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