evaluation of stop and search

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  • Evaluation of Stop and Search
    • - criticised for being used to much
      • only 10% of stop and searches result in arrest
    • + Mcferson report - record all stop and searches ethnicity
      • Steven Laurence death now protects people
    • + safeguard/code of practice A- cant search based on age, race or previous convictions / clothing
      • - the criminal justice act and the terrorism act give the police to much power
        • there is an opportunity to abuse this power
    • -a lot of people are unaware of their rights
      • Tottenham leaflet experiment lead to 50% less stop and searches
    • - reasonable suspicion is very vague
      • makes it easy for police to justify- base it on an individuals behaviour
    • + name number and station of the police officer must be given
      • which makes the police accountable
    • - deadly force can be seen as reasonable


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