Evaluation for key studies

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  • Evaluation for KEY STUDIES
    • Lazarus (1992)  - LIMITATIONS
      • He suggested that a relationship between illness and stress is difficult to establish because:
        • 1) Health can be effected by many different factors such as genetic influences, lifestyle etc.
          • 2) Health is generally fairly stable and changes slowly over time. Thus this makes it difficult to demonstrate that an exposure to a particular stressor have caused a change in health.
            • 3) To demonstrate that stressors have an adverse impact on health, continuous measurement over time is required. This is expensive and impractical and that is why most research has been concentrated over short periods of time.
    • Segerstorm & Miller (2004) - STRENGTHS
      • They carried out a meta-analysis over a 30 year period of 293 studies.
        • They found that short term, acute stressors can boost the immune system, and get it ready to fight infections or other challenges that the body might come upon.
          • Long term, chronic stressors, suppress the immune system.
            • And finally, the longer the stress has been going on for, the more the immune system has shifted from potentially adaptive changes to potentially detrimental changes.


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